Our core values underpin and frame all of our business and working practices. They shape the way we work and provide a benchmark to how we review our impact on projects. 
"Colin and his team have been successful for a variety of reasons, but in particular because of the confidence they build through strong dialogue at all levels. Colin's dealings were professional, and he demonstrated an open and straightforward attitude all the way through the process of working together. This was brought into focus when Whitfield issued a draft contract mark-up with their bid, even though it had not been requested. The project ran successfully and there were no contentious issues with the Final Account being wrapped up in a sensible manner." 
Andrew Webster, Founding Partner | MHBC Cummings (Development Management & Project Management) 

Integrity, Honesty and Trust 

Whitfield is built on these three foundational value pillars. Furthermore, our values are tied to an immovable dedication to professionalism and pride in quality. We believe that with transparency comes trust, and when trust is built, everything falls into place more smoothly, making way for challenges to be quickly overcome. Our many clients and colleagues attest to our commitment to providing trustworthy advice, fuelled by openness and dialogue. 


As a cornerstone to the future of our planet, we consider sustainability as a priority to how we shape our approach as we move into the future. We endeavour to carry out our duties sustainably and with respect, seeking to minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible. 


With the world being more connected than ever before, Whitfield has enjoyed strong working relationships with colleagues on an international stage. Our priority is building respect for, and understanding of, different cultures and working practices, finding commonality, and adapting ourselves to the countries we visit and work in, as well as the multi-national colleagues and clients who collaborate with us. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity 

We firmly believe that championing diversity and representation results in building the strongest possible team. We are an equal opportunity employer and prioritise talent, work ethic and conscientiousness with every individual we work with. We treat all our colleagues and clients indiscriminately with openness, ensuring our working culture is one that promotes freedom of expression, constant communication, and meaningful care. 
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